Creepy Creams Apparel: Launch

Creepy Creams launches its first apparel collection. This was a tonne of work but so much fun. Months of website design, prototypes and research went into creating this store. Embodying a fun, colourful theme of ice cream, the Creepy Creams apparel range is best suited to streetwear and skate culture. Sketches were done by hand and in Procreate, illustrations polished in Procreate or Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Photoshop was used for tweaks, effects and mockups, and the shop website was designed and built using Shopify.


Inspired by bold neon lights found in Japan and named after the beach famous for serving soft scoop ice cream, Tottori is packed with slogans and bold colours and is by far one of our most popular designs.

SInfully Sweet

The essence of Creepy Creams apparel is the juxtaposition between naughty and nice. Embroidered on the softest hoodies I’ve ever felt, the Sinfully Sweet design aims to be subtle, cute and make you smile.

Don't Panic it's Organic

In case you were panicking that it’s not organic – it is. All Creepy Creams are 100% organic and made from the tears of our enemies added with cream. 

Anatomy of Creepy Cream

Cut a Creepy Cream in half and this is what you get – designed to stand out on black or white fabric and using a limited colour palette for screen printing.

Lick Me

This one is probably my personal favourite, I love creating typography that looks like it’s melting, especially when it’s as outrageous as this. By far this is one of the best selling designs.


Probably one of the most fun things to illustrate. We decided to sell a random assortment of stickers with the apparel and I had a grin from ear to ear when I found one out in the wild, so rad.

Additional Designs

Unfortunately, not everything made it to the shop floor. These are a handful of designs that almost made the cut.